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 Les lois, confusion voulu???

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Date d'inscription : 20/04/2006

MessageSujet: Les lois, confusion voulu???   Mar 30 Mai - 4:16

Est-ce que vous avez déja essayer de comprendre les lois?

Avez-vous remarqué que c'est rarement clair???

Mais le pire c'est que c'est voulu et que c'est pour détruire la raison et la volonté!!!!

Citation :
The purpose of confusion in laws and regulations is to cause cognitive dissonance. This is a state of mind where conflicts remain unresolved. It weakens the subjects with its prolonged uncertainty. People are then subject to breaking down and having paradoxical conversions. This can be found in researching the phenomenon of brain washing. It is a potent device for control. Some references on this can be found in the following article.
DIALECTICS (and the Fate of Medicine)
By Thomas Dorman, M.D. ©2000 By DORMAN PUBLISHING

In this article, I shall attempt to survey the use of an intellectual process, the dialectic. I will survey a broad perspective of the subject, concentrating on the failure of philosophy and its harm to our civilization. I will then finish the article with a look at the special case of medicine in the context of the dialectical tool - how medicine is being destroyed, how the dialectical tool is used increasingly for the purpose, and I will hint yet again at my increasing conviction that there is a plan behind this evil.1 If we, who are savvy, can recognize its purpose and identify its means of operation, there is a chance that we can preserve the wonders of our civilization.
As I happen to practice medicine (full time), as I am dedicated to my work and love helping people (and yet have to make a living), it is not mysterious that I am striving to preserve this freedom for my patients, for myself, for my progeny, and for humanity. No man and no family live in isolation form society. Therefore, the welfare of society is essential to our own welfare, let alone the need for exchange through the generations for the other members of our species.
We exchange produce, manufactured goods, know-how, and ultimately the sharing of a genetic pool. Ayn Rand expressed this concept well with her brief aphorism There is no conflict between rational men. As we can see, conflict abounds. So what is wrong? The lack of rationality amongst most men.
If I, through this newsletter, can contribute one drop of rationality to the ocean of irrationality, my efforts will be rewarded. A rational society is one in which individuals respect each other, exchange with each other for mutual benefit, strive together for essential inherent joint interests (such as national defense) and care for each other based on respect and self-interest. This is the Republican form of government that the founders of this country gave us in 1776.2 The more I study the matter, the more I come to realize that that Republican gift was unique.3 It is the first instance in history where these laissez faire precepts of rationality were made the foundation of a country, a society, a nation; although fragments of them were available from the history of Western Civilization before beginning with the Magna Carta (1215).

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Les lois, confusion voulu???
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