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 Les Rockefeller et la corruption d'a peu près tout!

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Date d'inscription : 20/04/2006

MessageSujet: Les Rockefeller et la corruption d'a peu près tout!   Lun 26 Mar - 9:15

Si vous voyez que kek choses est corrompus ou n'a pas d'allure, chercher si il y a le nom Rockefeller dans l'histoire!

Citation :
Background Intelligence on the American Red Cross

Founded in 1881 by American humanitarian Clara Barton, the American Red Cross (officially named The American National Red Cross) was first chartered by the U.S. Congress in 1900. A second charter, still in force, was granted in 1905. Not long after, however, John D. Rockefeller pirated the entire blood banking industry, along with the administrative leadership of the ARC. As you will soon learn, this quintessential coup de tats represented more than a glorious economic opportunity. The takeover of the ARC, and the entire blood industry, was apparently required to fulfill a far more sinister, even occult-linked, political objective-eugenics management for a racially purified planet.

To begin, during this time, John D. Rockefeller and his associates were making a concerted effort to control the entire field of medicine in America. During the 1890s, Rockefeller interests in medical education and "scientific medicine" were spearheaded by Frederick T. Gates, John D. Rockefeller's investment manager. 1901 saw the founding of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research. In 1902, Rockefeller's General Education Board was founded with a mission to annihilate the causes of racial discords. This agenda was clarified two years later with the publication of John D. Rockefeller's Occasional Letter No. 1 in which he detailed his plans to mold Americans to his concept of "perfect human nature." This, he claimed, might best be accomplished by destroying parental influence, traditions and customs, while reducing national intelligence levels.

In 1904, the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (home to today's Human Genome Project) was built on the estates of John Foster and Allen Dulles, lawyers for the Rockefeller Standard Oil Company. The Dulles Brothers, who openly professed John D. Rockefeller's racial hygiene doctrines, later directed the U.S. military's Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and after World War II, the CIA. Charles B. Davenport constructed the Cold Spring Harbor facility to provide a home for racial hygiene research, what was then called "eugenics research." The first racial hygiene laws in the world evolved from investigations and reports issued from here. The John D. Rockefeller and Averell Harriman, America's wealthiest oil and railroad magnates, invested more than $11 million-an extraordinary fortune at that time-in funding this facility. Soon thereafter, in 1909, the first genetics laboratory was established at the Rockefeller Institute and directed by Dr. Phoebus Aaron Theodor Levene.

By 1907, medical education had been mostly monopolized by the Rockefeller consortium. That year, the American Medical Association (AMA) advanced its medical education rating system effectively eliminating, by 1918, approximately 600 of the initial 650 medical schools. Through Rockefeller cohorts in the Andrew Carnegie Endowment for the Advancement of Teaching, Abraham Flexner was appointed to survey medical schools throughout America. This led to the infamous "Flexner Report" that vilified every alternative to drug-based medicine. The Rockefeller's political control over this American medical coup was clearly reflected in Flexner family relations. Abraham Flexner served on the Rockefellers General Education Board. Abraham Flexner's brother, Simon, headed the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research. Simon's brother, Bernard, later joined the board of trustees of the Rockefeller Foundation after he helped found the politically powerful Council on Foreign Relations.

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Nombre de messages : 375
Date d'inscription : 20/04/2006

MessageSujet: Re: Les Rockefeller et la corruption d'a peu près tout!   Lun 2 Avr - 22:05

Un qui était puissant et lié au Rockefeller!

Citation :
Strong was chosen to direct Earth Summit I, in Stockholm in 1972, not for his demonstrated interest in the environment, but because the Swedish representative to the U.N. believed that only Strong, with his extensive worldwide network of friends, could get both the developed and developing nations to participate. Strong was very busy when asked to organize the conference. He was recruiting people for Trudeau's new government, and he was managing his private investments which included real estate holdings in a company consisting of two former Canadian officials and himself. He also took a position as trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation which supplied a grant for the running of the Stockholm Conference office. He was also given the writing services of Barbara Ward and of the French ecologist Rene Dubos, who worked for the Rockefeller Foundation.

The 1972 Stockholm Conference on Human Environment (Earth Summit I) had far more international significance than was ever reported. NGO's (non-government organizations) were funded by the Canadian government to attend the conference to give the appearance of participation by the general public. Of course, only those NGOs personally selected by Strong received funding. One such NGO was headed by William Turner, Strong's protege who then headed the Power Corporation which Strong once headed. Strong also personally softened the Chinese to Nixon's initiatives. Strong visited China to persuade them to participate in the Stockholm Conference; the Chinese had not appeared at any U.N. function since the 1949 revolution. The Chinese took Strong to visit the grave of his cousin, Anna Louise Strong. Nixon named Henry Kissinger, who came from the Council on Foreign Relations, as his Security Advisor, and his first assignment was to open secret discussions with China. The Rockefellers gave Kissinger a $50,000 bonus when he went to work for Nixon.



Citation :
Le néo-libéralisme fut également diffusé par les grandes écoles telles que la London School of Economics (qui avait comme professeur Friedrich A. Hayek et où David Rockefeller et Soros y ont fait des études), ou l’Université de Chicago fondée par John D. Rockefeller Senior (avec pour enseignants en-dehors de Friedrich von Hayek lui-même, les économistes néo-libéraux tels que Jacob Viner, Gary Becker, Milton Friedman). Antony Fisher de la Mont Pèlerin Society créa des boites-à-penser telles que le Fraser Institute à Vancouver (Canada) en 1974 ou encore le Manhattan Institute à New York en 1977. Ce dernier, mis en place avec la bénédiction du directeur de la CIA de l’époque, Franck Carlucci, du futur directeur de la CIA, William Casey et des firmes financière JP Morgan ou pharmaceutique Eli Lilly (Georges Bush Senior était directeur de Eli Lilly au moment de la création du Manhattan Institute) fut le point d’origine de la politique de la "Tolérance zéro" et de l’État pénal aux Etats-Unis.

Le processus de fusion entre puissance financière familiale et politique parvient à son point d’aboutissement avec le clan des al-Saoud qui siègent aux Nations Unies (Arabie Saoudite) et qui financent plusieurs organisations politico-religieuses mondiales (Ligue Islamique Mondiale, Organisation de la Conférence Islamique, Organisation Mondiale de la Jeunesse Islamique). Au Canada, la fusion, moins visible qu’en Arabie Saoudite, n’en est pas moins bien réelle : les leaders des trois principaux partis sont liés à Paul Desmarais ou à sa société, Power Corporation. John Rae, conseiller pour la campagne électorale du Premier Ministre Jean Chrétien au Canada fut executive vice-president de Power Corporation (la société de Paul Desmarais), la sœur du premier ministre étant elle-même mariée à André, fils de Paul Desmarais. Le leader du parti conservateur ainsi que le leader du parti socialiste, tous deux opposants à Jean Chrétien, ont eux-mêmes chacun travaillé pour la Power Corporation.

La continuité stratégique entre investissement et diplomatie explique la présence d’anciens de la CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) parmi les plus grands fonds d’investissement américains (Robert Gates est au conseil d’administration de Fidelity, John Deutsch à celui de Citygroup, Maurice "Hank" Greenburg à l’American International Group-AIG), ou, la présence d’anciens du MI5 et du MI6 (Services secrets anglais) dans les fonds britanniques. Cela explique aussi les choix des présidents successifs de la Banque mondiale cumulant des expériences dans les offices de régulation et dans les conglomérats financiers (John Mac Cloy a travaillé avec Rockefeller, notamment dans sa firme de droit Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy ; Eugene R. Black et Eugene Meyer ont été présidents de la Banque centrale américaine, la Fed ; Black a été Trustee du Population Council créé par Rockefeller, de la Ford Foundation, du Brooking Institute et directeur de la Chase Manhattan Bank de Rockefeller ; Robert Mc Namara a été membre de la Rockefeller foundation ; George D. Woods a été directeur de First Boston Corporation ; Lewis T. Preston a été président de Morgan Guarantee et de General Electric (Rockefeller) ; James Wolfensohn a créé une société avec Rothschild (la Rothschild, Wolfensohn & Co), a travaillé avec Salomon Brothers, Schroder Banking Group, Darling and co. et a également fait partie de la Rockefeller Foundation et du Population Council.

Les transformations des cœurs financiers au sein de la Trilatérale influent sur l’organisation et le climat politique internationale. À l’intérieur de l’anneau gouvernemental mondial - le complexe de fonds d’investissement et de banques Barclays Plc (1er fonds d’investissement privé mondial), famille Rockefeller et Fidelity (1er fonds d’investissement institutionnel mondial, appartenant à Edward C. Johnson), JP Morgan Chase (Rockefeller/Rothschild), Rothschild, Citigroup, UBS, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Mellon, Goldman Sachs, Axa, Pargesa - se forment des alliances, des coopérations, des partenariats régionaux. Les concentrations dans le monde financier américain se sont renforcées suite à l’abrogation, le 22 octobre 1999, de la loi Glass-Steagall (créée en 1933, après le Krach de 1929) qui imposait un cloisonnement entre les banques d’affaires, les banques commerciales et les compagnies d’assurance.

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Les Rockefeller et la corruption d'a peu près tout!
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